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Internet of Things: Turn potential into real business value

The Internet of Things (IoT), opens up a world of possibilities for new economic and business value creation. Yet investment by enterprises across industries in IoT also demands the adoption of new approaches to information architecture, application development, and data science.

IoT’s Impact on Business

IoT impacts virtually all industries. Enterprises building data-driven IoT applications can unlock the potential of IoT on their businesses with cloud native applications at scale.


IoT data flowing from fitness trackers, heart monitors, and other connected wearable devices allows doctors to better monitor patient activity and anticipate potential health problems.

Vendita al dettaglio

IoT sensors affixed to inventory help retailers better manage their supply chains and ensure optimal inventory levels.


IoT operational data analyzed from heavy equipment like turbines help large industrial companies predict likely part failures so they can take preventative action and reduce downtime.


IoT connected devices like thermostats and appliances allow homeowners to remotely control and even automate energy use.


Analysis of IoT connected car data helps auto insurers personalized rates for customers based on actual driving behavior.


Analyzed usage data from IoT devices helps telecommunications companies and ISPs more efficiently route network traffic and create personalized services for customers.

VMware Customers Put IoT into Action

Cardinal Health is applying IoT technologies to personal healthcare and using VMware technologies to build a more efficient approach to keeping loved ones safe, in their own homes longer, and elongating their presence in our lives.

FordPass, Ford’s connected car app, was developed with VMware technology to give drivers control over their cars remotely as well as understand engine health.

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