The future of IT for media providers is built on VMware Tanzu

Customer expectations of entertainment are changing. VMware Tanzu accelerates telco, media, and entertainment companies’ transformation to modern software development to deliver exceptional digital services that boost customer engagement. Media providers improve self-service capabilities and continuous connectivity while keeping applications and data secure with VMware Tanzu.

Who we work with

Carriers and service providers

Communications firms

Cable, satellite, and distribution companies

VMware Tanzu is the trusted technology partner of telco, media, and entertainment companies


Adding flexibility in the service of 75 million customers


Bringing new digital services to market faster


Engaging customers beyond its online ticket exchange


Building software in the service of customer experience transformation


Reaching goals through application transformation


Moving to a human centered, service oriented mindset

Yahoo! Japan

Delivering next-generation experiences to Yahoo! Japan customers

NBC Universal

Speed matters to NBCUniversal


Reinventing digital marketing

Comic Relief

Raising millions of pounds to eradicate poverty


Faster software delivery speeds time to market for Verizon

“For the first time ever, we fully upgraded cloud infrastructure with zero impact—in production, during business hours, and during peak hours.”

Greg Otto, Execut... Greg Otto, Executive Director of Cloud Services, Comcast


VMware Tanzu serves telco, media, and entertainment company needs

Exceptional digital services

Develop on-demand, personalized services that increase customer acquisition and reduce churn.

Robust service quality

Exceed customer expectations with customized software that takes advantage of new computing capabilities—from artificial intelligence to machine learning to IoT—to better predict outcomes.

Expanded partnerships

Build a secure digital platform that enables collaboration and data sharing—on premises and across clouds—with content partners.

Resource efficiency

Focus less on repetitive deployment and operations tasks and more on modernizing software development and delivery—both time and money.

Uninterrupted innovation

Continuously build and deploy with confidence to achieve business initiative outcomes, from boosting in-store sales to raising employee productivity.

White paper

Kubernetes for Executives in Telcos


VMware Tanzu keeps businesses competitive

5G is taking hold in the market. VMware Tanzu recognizes that with its rollout will come new, exciting services that can take advantage of the faster internet. As a cloud-ready operational product with security built in, VMware Tanzu provides the digital foundation telcos, media, and other service providers need to exploit 5G and deliver customized solutions that focus on developing long-term relationships to the benefit of both.

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