The future of retail is built on VMware Tanzu

Shoppers have more choice than ever, and retailers are being challenged to keep up. VMware Tanzu ensures retailers create great products, services, and experiences for both their customers and employees. Retailers deliver consistent, seamless self-service, buy in-store, buy online, and pick-up-in-store experiences. They empower associates to be productive wherever, whenever they’re working. Building better software, faster with VMware Tanzu lets retailers put customers and employees first, driving loyalty, revenue, and productivity.

Who we work with

Department, merchandise, and specialty stores

E-commerce and e-tailers

Supermarkets, warehouse, and discount stores

“Since 2010, annual growth for total U.S. retail has ranged from 2% to 5%. Forrester forecasts that U.S. online retail sales will comprise approximately 14% of total U.S. sales in 2018, and, more to the point, that digital touch points will in some way impact more than half of total U.S. retail sales.”

Forrester Research Customer Obsessed, Data-Driven Retailers Thrive

Engaging customers and building loyalty with VMware Tanzu technology


VMware Tanzu serves retailers’ omnichannel needs

Engaging digital services

Develop frictionless, personalized shopper experiences.

Introduce customized offers in real time.

Use software to respond quickly to competitive pressures.

Improve employee response and accuracy.

Store transformation

Modernize operations and applications—in stores and online—while complying with PCI, GDPR, and other security standards.

Deploy IoT innovation that reduces errors and strengthens loss prevention.

Endless aisle payments

Deploy securely connected tablets and mPOS systems for line-busting efficiency.

Seamlessly scale to cloud to meet seasonal spikes.

Data-driven insights

Boost confidence in new feature delivery with robust analytics.

Add new revenue streams faster with improved target marketing.

Culture of innovation

Advance modern application development methodologies to attract the best talent.

Deploy computing resources and IT staff more efficiently.

Ease promotional scheduling burdens with continuous integration and delivery.

Report degli analisti

How The Home Depot Became A Digital Powerhouse


VMware Tanzu keeps retailers competitive

VMware Tanzu understands retailers everywhere are under pressure to compete in an ever-evolving landscape. With Tanzu Labs’ approach to speeding software development, together with technologies such as VMware Tanzu for continuous delivery/continuous integration, retailers can rise above their competition. By connecting inventory systems to front-of-store operations, retailers can ensure online experiences mirror in-store experiences—all while keeping data safe and transactions in compliance with PCI and GDPR rules.

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