The future of manufacturing is built on VMware Tanzu

The pace of business is accelerating. VMware Tanzu ensures manufacturers keep pace by extending lean process efficiency from the shop floor to IT. Modern software development increases flow and reduces take time. Manufacturing IT is leaner, safer, and more predictable with VMware Tanzu.

Who we work with

Automotive companies

Airlines and logistics companies

Building materials and furniture companies

Electronics, robotics, and lab equipment companies

“The technology combined with our domain expertise and core strengths…that’s the sweet spot. That’s how we survive another hundred years.”

Niki Allen, Senio... Niki Allen, Senior Director Strategy & Operations IT & Data Analytics, Boeing


VMware Tanzu serves manufacturers’ real-time delivery needs

Lean dynamics

Take advantage of infrastructure advances to bring lean capabilities into IT.

Shorten software development cycles while improving quality and cost.

Continuous flow

Optimally balance delivery speed and cost for improved delivery predictability.

More effectively use computing and human resources, saving time and money.

Reliable delivery

Learn modern application development methodologies to work collaboratively in IT to deliver on time and on budget to the business.

Industrial IoT innovation

Turn data from tens, hundreds, and thousands of sensors into actionable insights that provide unique opportunities or measurable cost savings.

Power smart cities.

Operational excellence

Deploy analytics to improve quality, increase operational efficiency, and drive time-to-market improvements.

White paper

Preparing Manufacturers for the World of 5G


VMware Tanzu keeps manufacturers competitive

VMware Tanzu knows manufacturers are working faster than ever to connect their physical and digital worlds for a variety of reasons—from uncovering new opportunities to preventing downtime. Digital twins bridge those environments, covering the entire process lifecycle: VMware Tanzu technologies and Tanzu Labs’ software development expertise enable manufacturers to integrate smart sensors on physical components to gather real-time data, quickly process it, and draw insights from previously untapped resources. That means faster discovery with fewer mistakes across people, processes, and technologies.

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