Data is at the heart of every application in your portfolio. To unlock the full benefits of your application modernization, you need modern data systems and more flexible data architecture. We can help.

VMware Tanzu Labs Data Transformation consulting services help organizations like yours maximize the benefits of modern data systems. Moving to the cloud, migrating off of heritage systems, or rearchitecting your data for modern application development? VMware has the expertise to guide you through your transformation.

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Modernize your data platform

Modernize old, expensive analytics platforms to faster, scalable, open source and cloud-ready options with increased capability

Phase out massive data structures saving money and improving efficiency and accessibility of the information

Enable the operationalization of data science, ML, and AI models

Improve your data infrastructure

Design and implement modern data architectures for increased reliability, performance, and deployment on containers, VMs, and cloud environments

Integrate engagements with app modernization activities to provide full-stack modern application development

Improve data access and performance from corporate data systems

Get more out of VMware data products

Implement and enable your teams to successfully achieve business goals using VMware data products

Evaluate the efficacy of VMware data product usage and get recommendations for optimizations and improvements with a Health Check

Stay current and use the latest features and capabilities with our upgrade services

“HCSC is destroying data monoliths and getting Cloud Native with our data layer! If you’re only transforming your app layer you might be cloud naive and not cloud native.”

Mark Ardito, Divisional Vice President of Digital Delivery, HCSC

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