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AnalytiXagility: Creating a platform to power the next generation of clinical and translational informatics

"We’ve had a really great time with Tanzu. We love where they stand in the platform business, their licensing and their engagement model. We’re really happy with the results."

Chris Roche, Chief Executive Officer, Aridhia
Case study
  • Difficulty integrating and analyzing clinical, patient, imaging, and genomic data
  • Inability to maximize the availability of high-quality data within the healthcare system to improve healthcare quality
  • Disconnected relationships between research, academia, healthcare professionals, clinicians, and industry
  • A lack of safe analytic platforms for clinical and life science data that adhere to information governance processes
  • Protracted processes required to translate medical research into viable products for use in clinical practice
  • Pivotal Data Suite
  • VMware Tanzu
  • VMware Pivotal Labs
Vantaggi chiave
  • Generate new healthcare insights by rapidly building and deploying applications to capture and analyze clinical, neuroimaging, and genomic data
  • Improve healthcare decision making and patient outcomes by gathering and processing data in minutes instead of hours
  • Help clinical healthcare professionals quickly take advantage of data analytics to offer fresh solutions to medical challenges