TAS for Windows

Build and operate .NET and Windows apps on a modern application runtime

TAS for Windows helps .NET teams increase feature velocity with an elastic runtime that performs many tasks for you, including automated container builds. Operators can use the service to adopt immutable infrastructure practices while running fleets of Windows Servers in their data center.

Run All Your .NET Apps on a Proven Application Runtime

Build, deploy, and run .NET Framework and .NET Core apps on TAS. Just choose your preferred framework, and push your app to Linux or Windows. From there, the platform does the rest. Managing dependencies, building the container image, deploying and scaling out instances—you don’t have to worry about it! Use the .NET Core buildpack to push to Linux. Choose the HWC buildpack to run apps on Windows using IIS Hosted Web Core.

Easily Modernize Your .NET Apps, and Run Them on a Platform Powered by Windows Server

Most enterprises have hundreds of .NET apps running on Windows Server. With TAS for Windows, you can run most ASP.NET applications on TAS with little or no modification. Unlock the value of your .NET apps!

Automate Ops for Fleets of Windows Servers

No more manual infrastructure management! TAS for Windows gives admins powerful automation tools to easily operate Windows Servers at scale. Use stemcells and the rest of Cloud Foundry’s toolchain to bring immutable infrastructure to your Windows environments. TAS for Windows supports Windows Server, version 1803 and Windows Server Containers.

dotNet Hello World on Cloud Foundry


TAS for Windows gives developers the ability to build and run .NET apps on a platform powered by the Windows® Operating System. Developers can also use it to push .NET Core apps to VMs running Linux. Operators can alleviate the pain of bespoke infrastructure and automate the installation and ongoing management of Windows Servers. The tile supports Windows Server, version 1803.

Come funziona

TAS for Windows is an application runtime for .NET apps.

Operators simply deploy the TAS for Windows tile to run Windows servers, or “cells” on TAS. Adding new cells is a simple, self-service config change. No need to create a ticket, or manually provision a VM.

Then, developers simply “cf push” their .NET code to TAS for Windows. From there, TAS automatically containerizes the app, and gets it ready to run on Windows.

The experience for .NET/Windows is identical to that of other supported languages and runtimes. That means large development teams can use their preferred tools while pushing to a standardized platform.

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