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How Organizations Should Think About Cloud Native Java

A Team Perspective by Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst, Anne Thomas, and VMware VP of Solutions Engineering, Raghvender Arni

App Dev Trends

Supporting digital business should be the primary requirement for all organizations today. Companies need to adopt a different way of building systems to compete in the new economy. Modern types of applications and architectures are forcing organizations to also adopt different types of platforms. Gartner research shows investment in traditional app platforms is flat, buying is actually down, and instead there is a significant increase in application platforms as a service.

The recommendation from Gartner is that every new app built in Java or another language be built as a cloud native app and that any new system be designed as a cloud native app system. The rationale is that IT teams will be able to more quickly move into a cloud system whenever the business is prepared to move to cloud.

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