SQL Development Tools

Develop SQL queries in graphical editors that support special features of VMware Tanzu Greenplum

Develop and debug SQL queries and DDL statements in graphical editors. Execute queries and view results. These tools support and correctly display results related to specific VMware Tanzu Greenplum features such as special DDL properties, partitioned tables, external tables, and segment functions.

Interactively develop and debug SQL statements

Craft and execute query statements in the same environment. View results, debug syntax and execution errors. Save, publish, share, and version your queries.

View and manage Greenplum schemas

Correctly support and display Greenplum features in schemas, such as DDL properties, nesting table partitions, handling external tables, and displaying location-specific UDFs.

Increase productivity of SQL analysts

Replicate data quickly with very low latency and lag utilizing high-speed automation and fast loading into VMware Tanzu Greenplum.

Aginity Workbench

Aginity’s Workbench for Greenplum offers a simple and efficient method of managing a Greenplum database. This tool will give you a single point of access to manage, monitor and develop along with a range of functions that look deep into the Greenplum architecture.


DBeaver is an SQL client and a database administration tool that connects to Greenplum via a JDBC driver. The community edition (CE) of DBeaver is a free and open source software. A closed-source enterprise edition of DBeaver is distributed under a commercial license.

Jetbrains Datagrip

Jetbrains DataGrip is a cross-platform IDE that is aimed at DBAs and developers working with SQL databases. It provides connections to market leading databases including VMware Tanzu Greenplum. It offers many features that help SQL query authors develop, test, and monitor their code with increased productivity.