Continuously Integrate Your Data Into Greenplum From a Variety of Sources

HVR accelerates the journey to advanced analytics by integrating data to a VMware Tanzu Greenplum target in real-time from a variety of sources. HVR includes features such as log-based change data capture (CDC) and data validation and repair so that your data is moved in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

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Move Your Data Efficiently

Proprietary data compression moves high volumes of data fast between systems. HVR uses VMware Tanzu Greenplum’s native ingestion APIs to accelerate and parallelize data loading into a VMware Tanzu Greenplum cluster.

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Broad Platform Support and Easy Integration

Supported data sources include: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL. Click here for list of all of the source systems we support.

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Fast Data for Real-Time Analytics

HVR moves the data from your sources using log-based CDC. Capture only the changes on the source so that the data is moved incrementally. This reduces latency and lag and making your data in Greenplum always up to date for real-time analysis.

We Accelerate Data Movement So That You Can Revolutionize Your Business

HVR is designed to move large volumes of data efficiently and accurately in complex environments for real-time updates. Our goal is to keep your data moving and in sync as you adopt new technologies for storing, streaming, and analyzing data. Our scalable solution gives you everything you need for efficient data replication from beginning to end so that you can readily revolutionize your business for the modern world.

Learn More About HVR at www.hvr-software.com

Integration features

HVR is architected to limit the effort to maintain your data integration environment with a centralized hub and an easy-to-use GUI.

Automate table creation, initial load, change data capture and data validation, all within a single channel.

Reduce latency and lag with log-based change data capture, which minimizes impact on the source.

Expert service and support that's there for you when you need the help with your data integration tasks.

Better monitor and manage your data with HVR Insights.

Easily validate your data with the compare function.

How it works

HVR is installed as one small download so that footprint on your system is minimal. You set up tasks in an easy to use GUI and create tasks in a single channel. It is easy to setup your data sources to link to your Greenplum target system. You have the ability to set up multiple sources to your target system.

HVR includes all of the features needed to complete continuous, ongoing data integration:

  • Table Creation and Initial load: After data mapping, HVR takes all of the native data from the existing table on the source and loads it on the target, automatically transforming source data types into the destination formats.
  • Log-Based Change Data Capture: This feature facilitates the changes as they happen from the source to target in real-time.
  • Data Validation and Repair: This feature compares the data that has moved to ensure data correctness.
  • Automatic Reporting and Monitoring: Track latency, transactions log volumes and more so that you can have insights on the data you are moving and proactively manage your data movement.

The HVR architecture includes hub and and an agent. The hub manages all configurations, controls all processing, and directs data where it needs to go. The hub can be deployed anywhere in your the infrastructure—on the source, the target or its own dedicated server. The agent (which is optional in most cases) is used to compress data and is ideal for data transfers over a WAN from on-premises to cloud.

Read the HVR technical white paper here to learn more.

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