Heimdall Data improves SQL read/write performance while ensuring your database environment is always online. Deployment requires zero application code changes. Heimdall is for data engineers, database administrators, and developers with workloads with the following kinds of characteristics: Singleton data manipulation language (DML) operations, Repetitive queries, and/or a need for high availability.

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Improved Application Performance

Heimdall Data intelligently caches query results into VMware Tanzu GemFire, and auto-invalidates guaranteeing data freshness. For write queries, Heimdall batches singleton DML operations.

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Enables Mixed SQL Workloads

Heimdall Data routes queries to the best data source for optimal performance and reliability. This includes routing OLTP and OLAP queries to appropriately tuned databases, and automatic failover to replicants or standby nodes.

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Increased Data Security

Heimdall Data logs all data access for privacy compliance (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, SOX), and filters out SQL injection attacks

The Intelligent SQL Traffic Manager for VMware Tanzu Greenplum

Heimdall Data Overview

Heimdall Data provides SQL traffic management without any code changes. Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, Heimdall improves SQL performance, reliability, and telemetry problems for application-database owners.

More about Heimdall Data

Integration features

Offloads VMware Tanzu Greenplum by batch processing, materialized view management and parallel query execution.

Logs data access for compliance (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GDPR) in a simple-to-export file

Automated VMware Tanzu Greenplum, Write-Primary failover

Routes queries between multiple databases or geographical regions.

Intelligently auto-caches and auto-invalidates into Tanzu GemFire as a look-aside SQL cache

Database firewall: Alerts and filters malicious data access

Hybrid transactional/analytical deployment: Heimdall routes analytics and OLTP queries for optimal performance.

Installs in minutes without any code changes

How it works

Heimdall Data consists of two components: 1) Database Proxy and 2) Central Console. The Heimdall Database Proxy is deployed between the application and database, as a 1) Sidecar process or 2) JDBC driver. Deployment requires no application or database changes. A cluster of Database Proxies is managed by a Heimdall Data Central Console.

Heimdall intercepts queries between the application to the database:

  • Improves performance using various techniques (e.g. batch processing, materialized view management), offloading database processing resulting in a performance improvement of up to 100x.
  • Intelligently caches SQL results into VMware Tanzu GemFire. Caching and invalidations are automated.
  • Provides custom administrative rights to various users based on the user’s role.
  • Supports most any SQL database including VMware Tanzu Greenplum, Postgres, and MySQL.

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