Native MPP Business Intelligence for Greenplum DB

MPP BI visualizes advanced analytics on large data sets for business users leveraging the scale and parallel processing of VMware Tanzu Greenplum.

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Fast results from parallel processing

MPP BI pushes complex queries down to VMware Tanzu Greenplum, taking advantage of its ability to parallel process large data sets.

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Unlocked value of text silos

MPP BI leverages the GPtext feature of VMware Tanzu Greenplum to extract knowledge from large text data sets. This makes it possible to analyze sentiment, manage compliance, and categorize and visualize results in interactive dashboards.

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Visually appealing dashboards for executives

Provide operational analytics for top managers. Create branded executive dashboards, interactive presentations for collaboration, and regulatory and interactive compliance reports.

MPP BI Overview

MPP BI overview

MPP BI is a next-generation business intelligence platform with massively parallel, truly data-centric architecture, which handles data of any volume and velocity, leverages Apache MADlib and GPText, and delivers interactive data visualization directly from VMware Tanzu Greenplum.

Integration features

Automated management reports: The MPP BI user gets clear, easy-to-use infographics from data fetched directly from VMware Tanzu Greenplum Database using its massive parallel processing capabilities.

Horizontal BI scaling: MPP BI runs within the compute resources of a VMware Tanzu Greenplum cluster and connects natively to Greenplum. All metadata—including dashboard configurations, users, sessions, and access rights—are stored in the database. That allows processing of client requests to be very fast, making all necessary checks without leaving the context of the database session and without moving data across several operating system processes.

Visualize advanced analytics: MPP BI empowers users with rich visualization of Greenplum in-database analytic functions from Apache MADlib and GPText such as machine learning, scientific computations, full text search and advanced text indexing, and natural language processing for 20+ languages.

Data-centric access control: MPP BI Server authorizes the user, checks access rights, manages personal settings, and processes other metadata for visual reports. MPP BI has its own authentication and access control mechanisms, but can also authenticate users/groups with SSO and LDAP/AD. MPP BI provides 100% data-centric access control management mechanisms. Policies can be created with ABAC-style rules. Access rules are stored in special tables inside the dataset and can reference parts of the dataset yet preserving app-level consistency. Access rules are managed via web admin.

“Exponential growth of data and the inability of existing BI tools to leverage MPP environment challenged us to invent a new approach to natively process and visualize MPP data. This is how we came to data-centric in-database analytics engine, MPP BI.”

Serg Shestakov, CEO of Luxms VC Corp.

How it works

MPP BI shares the compute resources of a VMware Tanzu Greenplum cluster. MPP BI supports all basic data types and indexes. Core MPP BI is deployed in VMware Tanzu Greenplum cluster and additional utilities are provided as a separate Linux virtual machine (nginx, PostgreSQL, JVM) that connects to Greenplum via Foreign Data Wrappers using libpq and JDBC.


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