Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture

An engineered system for modern analytics, built on Dell hardware.



Achieve your analytics objectives with Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture

The most performant way to run VMware Greenplum on-premises is with Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture, an engineered system optimized for advanced analytics workloads. Reduce risk and cost with open-source technologies and general-purpose hardware for your analytics strategy. Make the move to VMware Greenplum and Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture.

Based on open-source PostgreSQL®, VMware Greenplum provides powerful, rapid analytics at petabyte scale. It solves the problem of performance, reliability, and scale for analytical workloads.

With improved transaction processing capability and support for streaming ingest, Greenplum addresses workloads across analytic and operational contexts, from traditional business intelligence to deep learning.

The Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture system ships with VMware Greenplum, Apache MADlib for machine learning, pgcrypto for at-rest compression, and standard Greenplum modules (see the Greenplum documentation for details).

Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture delivers everything you need to unleash the power of massively parallel analytics.

Business Benefits

VMware Greenplum

Open-source, massively parallel data platform (MPP) for advanced analytics

Reduce data silos. Consolidate more analytics workloads in a single environment, from BI to AI.
Harness open-source innovation. Integrated components from PostgreSQL and other communities make it easy to turn innovation into business outcomes.
Accelerate data science initiatives. Streamline data science operations and simplify workflows.

Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture

Flexible hardware components for next-generation analytics and AI

Enjoy high productivity with lightning-fast performance. The most powerful hardware configuration for your BI and analytics workloads.
Simple to set up, easy to scale. Choose any cluster size for your deployment. Easily scale compute and storage as your needs evolve.
Realize a superior total cost of ownership. Retire expensive, proprietary appliances in favor of general-purpose hardware.

Key features

VMware Greenplum

Data professionals can meet the challenges of modern analytics with VMware Greenplum, an open-source, shared-nothing, MPP data platform.

  • Supports a wide range of analytics use cases from BI to AI
  • Massively parallel, highly concurrent architecture
  • Based on open-source PostgreSQL
  • Integration with Apache Kafka® handles streaming data with ease
  • High availability, intelligent fault detection, and fast online differential recovery
  • Industry-leading performance

Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture

Take advantage of general-purpose hardware components from Dell EMC when deploying VMware Greenplum on premises. Augment capabilities with specialized storage add-ons.

  • Modular for a variety of use cases
  • Flexible storage options
  • Maximum performance, contained costs
  • Simplified cluster architecture
  • Multi-cloud deployment options
  • Deployment in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition
  • Certified and supported by VMware

Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture

Simple blocks deliver sustained performance for next-generation analytics and AI. Assemble blocks to fit enterprise scale workloads from small to huge. Achieve high-availability goals with a single block.

Compute/RAM X 2

The Fast Block

Twice the CPU and RAM of the Balanced Block for highly concurrent and/or high CPU workloads.

Supporting diagram
  • CPU: 96 Cores
  • RAM: 1.5 TB
  • Primary: 19.2 TB
  • Mirror: 19.2 TB
  • Temp: 12.8 TB
  • Full Rack Raw Primary: 134.4 TB

The Balanced Block

The starting block designed for most Greenplum workloads. It offers an engineered balance across CPU, memory, disk, and network resources.

Supporting diagram
  • CPU: 96 Cores
  • RAM: 1.5 TB
  • Primary: 38.4 TB
  • Mirror: 38.4 TB
  • Temp: 12.8 TB
  • Full Rack Raw Primary: 268.8 TB
Dense Block

The Dense Block

Twice the internal disk capacity of the Balanced Block for customers with larger disk capacity requirements.

Supporting diagram
  • CPU: 96 Cores
  • RAM: 1.5 TB
  • Primary: 76.8 TB
  • Mirror: 76.8 TB
  • Temp: 25.6 TB
  • Full Rack Raw Primary: 537.6 TB
External Storage

Super Dense Block

Extend your Greenplum deployment with optional add-on Storage Blocks. Scale storage separate from compute, in 144 TB increments.

Supporting diagram
  • CPU: 96 Cores
  • RAM: 1.5 TB
  • Primary: 153.6 TB
  • Mirror: 153.6 TB
  • Temp: 51.2 TB
  • Full Rack Raw Primary: 1.075 PB

Common Scenarios

Modernize your DCA

Ready to upgrade from EMC’s Data Computing Appliance? We recommend 1 Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture Balanced Block for every DCA 1/4 Rack.

Transform your data lake or Hadoop deployment

Move on from your legacy data lake. For every 250 TB of data lake storage, we leverage 1 Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture Dense Block and 2 Greenplum Storage Blocks.

Netezza upgrade

Planning for IBM® Netezza® end-of-life? Then you’ll want 4 Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture Performance Blocks for every full rack.

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