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Splunk Firehose Nozzle for VMware Tanzu

Real-time event visibility and monitoring

Compatible with TAS

Compatible avec TAS
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Compatible avec TKG
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKG

Compatible avec TKGI
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKGI

Splunk(r) Firehose Nozzle for Tanzu Application Service (TAS) automatically parses application logs and platform components’ metrics, enriches them with additional metadata, and then forwards to Splunk. This process allows for powerful visualizations and meaningful alerts on your most important TAS logs and metrics.

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Fast set-up

Out-of-the-box data parsing and enrichment for various TAS event types.

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Reliable event delivery

Stream events efficiently and securely to Splunk with HTTP Event Collector.

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Grows as needs grow

Scales out to meet increasing data volume and number of apps.

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We’re excited to partner with VMware Tanzu to accelerate the application development and deployment process for our joint customers. With Splunk’s real-time event visibility and monitoring, developers are able to move faster than ever – quickly pinpointing root causes, setting meaningful alerts, and utilizing powerful visualizations. Our partnership enables IT Operations teams to be more productive, all while helping reduce IT costs with platform automation.

Dave Schwartz, AVP, Global Strategic Alliances, Splunk


The Splunk Firehose Nozzle for Tanzu Application Service (TAS) subscribes to the Loggregator endpoint and writes events to an external Splunk environment.

  • The Splunk Firehose Nozzle for VMware Tanzu collects events from the Tanzu Loggregator endpoint and streams them to Splunk via HTTP event collector (HEC). Nozzle has in-memory queue buffers to increase reliability, and has parallel client to scale out multiple ingestion channels to HEC.
  • The Splunk Firehose Nozzle for Tanzu can be deployed natively within a TAS environment and is available as a free tile from Tanzu Network.
  • The Splunk HTTP Event Collector clients run concurrently, consuming events from the queue to enrich Tanzu events by attaching metadata fields. For scaling out, add as many HECs and place a load balancer in front.
  • After data has been ingested into Splunk, it can be explored using the Splunk Add-on for Cloud Foundry—an add-on to Splunk Enterprise which parses data from any Cloud Foundry distribution—which includes pre-built panels and pre-configured search parameters.

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