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Secure software supply chain

Deliver software to production quickly and securely

Understanding and mitigating vulnerabilities in your path to production helps to de-risk business investments, provides opportunities to deliver more secure software to end users at a rapid pace, and removes friction for developers deploying code.

With VMware Tanzu, you’ll improve automated tooling and implement DevSecOps practices so you can securely and reliably ship high-quality code to production and fix security vulnerabilities faster.

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Build ideas on a secure platform

Best-in-class tools like VMware Application Catalog and VMware Tanzu Application Platform help make software secure by design.

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Implement DevSecOps practices

Implement DevSecOps practices so you can securely and reliably ship high-quality code to production.

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Deploy code faster with less friction

Consulting services from VMware Tanzu Labs helps organizations establish processes that provide greater collaboration between development and security teams.

How VMware Tanzu delivers secure software supply chains

Addressing these five areas of concern will allow you to integrate security in your software development process and help to mitigate software supply chain attacks.


Secure application source code

A VMware Tanzu Labs service engagement helps your team implement strategies to ensure code is secure. App accelerators, included with Tanzu Application Platform, provide guardrails for developers that ensure security and compliance.


Manage app dependencies

Select from an extensive library of open source software components with VMware Application Catalog, and use our extensive collection of buildpacks to build apps through Tanzu Build Service and Tanzu Application Platform.


Secure CI/CD systems

Tanzu Application Platform provides a deploy time policy to allow app operators to introduce policy in their Tanzu Application Platform supply chain (CI/CD) that blocks any unsigned images.


Secure image build and registry

Tanzu Build Service as part of Tanzu Application Platform builds images and automatically patches them when their dependencies fall out of date, reducing time to remediate CVEs at scale.


Secure runtimes

With Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Mission Control, developers get easy access to preconfigured clusters that meet compliance and security requirements. Tanzu Service Mesh helps secure workloads, microservices, APIs, and data in transit, preventing attackers from sniffing network traffic. Secure containers in multitenant instances with VMware Carbon Black Container.

“Over half of developers (52.4%) felt security policies stifle their innovation. When security is so simplified and accessible that development teams don’t even realize it’s there, then security not only meets its traditional goals of reducing risks but—more importantly—becomes a business enabler by allowing development teams to be more innovative while increasing compliance and business revenue.”

Forrester Consulting study commissioned by VMware, "Bridging the Developer and Security Divide," September 2021

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