Paving the Road
to Modern Apps

VMware Tanzu: The who, how and why of application modernization

The last few decades of IT innovation delivered great advances in infrastructure; now, it’s time to build apps that make the most of those new tools. In an increasingly digital world where business requirements can change literally overnight, it’s the only way to thrive.

VMware Tanzu helps you build new apps, modernize existing ones, and evolve your software development process around cloud native technologies, patterns, and architectures. Here’s how.

Part I

Shared expertise

When you’re navigating a complex tech landscape, having experts by your side makes all the difference.

The folks who make up the VMware Tanzu team aren’t just leaders in their fields—in some cases (like Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and Spring), we’ve actually helped create them. This was true when you first worked with VMware to transform your data centers around virtualization, and it continues now as we help you modernize apps around cloud native technologies. And by engaging with VMware Tanzu Labs—which for decades has helped everyone from Twitter to T-Mobile build better software and better software cultures—you can take the fast track to digital transformation.

Part I

Shared expertise

More ways to learn

Our experts also share their knowledge across a variety of channels targeting developers, operators, executives, and everybody in between. Here are some of our frequently updated resources, as well as a collection of educational guides, e‑books, and blog posts.

Tanzu Academy

Expert instructors train you to build the right platform to drive outcomes that matter.


Free Kubernetes training and courses for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Tanzu Developer Center

Tips, guides, videos, and more to master cloud native technologies and patterns.

Tanzu Talk

Watch VMware Tanzu thought leaders and customers discuss modern software development.

Spring Academy

On-demand education developed and curated by the world’s foremost experts in Spring.

Part II

All roads lead to production

We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest and best organizations kickstart their transformations—and we can do the same for yours.

When you partner with VMware Tanzu to transform your apps with cloud native technologies and modern app architectures, the results are immediate and impactful. You can release new apps and features faster. Take advantage of automation to secure your platforms so your operations teams sleep soundly. So while the world changes overnight, you can adapt and scale digital operations with ease.

Part II

All roads lead to production

How customers stay ahead of the curve

Not all thought leaders are created equal. The experts on the VMware Tanzu team have honed their insights over years of living through industry and technology trends, and helping customers navigate through their digital transformations. This collection of blog posts, white papers, e-books, and more will help you plan for what’s coming and make solid long-term decisions about technology, personnel, and process.

Digital Transformation for the Busy Executive

Advice, explanations, and anecdotes on modernization

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Part III

The technology of Tanzu

The software products, open source projects, and services at the core of VMware Tanzu help smooth your transition to cloud native.

VMware Tanzu has deep roots in cloud native technologies, including Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Spring, among others. This foundational understanding, combined with VMware’s history as the driving force behind data center virtualization, allows us to build enterprise-ready products for the modern, cloud- and container-centric era of computing. When you choose to partner with us, you're choosing to build on technologies that are more than just new toys: they’re mature, secure, and optimized for large enterprise requirements.

Part III

The technology of Tanzu

Hands-on transformation with Tanzu Labs

Chat With An Expert

Although cloud native technologies are a necessary part of most modernization efforts, software products alone can’t transform a business or develop better applications. Your organization still might need help with any number of other necessary steps, including guidance on agile development, a strategy for breaking down monolithic applications, or a framework for deciding which applications to modernize first. Tanzu Labs can help ensure these things happen, by entrenching experts within your teams to help them master their brave new world.

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