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IoT : Concrétisez le potentiel des objets connectés

IoT: Team Perspectives

There are almost as many opinions about how best to harness IoT as there are connected devices. It’s important to keep perspective and maintain a focus on business value as your organization builds out its IoT capabilities.

The Inevitable Rise of IoT

A Team Perspective by Jürgen Leschner, Director of Product Marketing

If you consider how quickly data processing for machine learning has grown recently, it's not hard to imagine that connected devices and the data they generate will enable ever-larger numbers of applications. Today, each new app is an opportunity to create new sources of value from IoT. Here’s why.

IoT in the Cloud: Building & Unleashing Value in a Renewable Energy System

A Team Perspective by Mark Heckler, Principal Technologist/Developer Advocate

Building scalable, self-sustaining embedded ecosystems requires connecting systems to cloud services, then monitoring and controlling them from everywhere. This example uses low-cost, off-the-shelf hardware to build sensor meshes and access them from anywhere using cloud services for deployment, management, and data/trend analysis.