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The future of automotive is built on VMware Tanzu

Ownership trends are changing. VMware Tanzu empowers automotive companies to modernize software development to deliver strategic mobility services that better serve customers, dealers, and strategic partners. Automotive product-driven organizations boost program excellence with VMware Tanzu.

Who we work with

Automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers

Dealers, dealer support services, and service providers

Transportation and fleet management companies

“The automotive revenues will significantly increase and diversify toward on-demand mobility services and data-driven services. This could create up to $1.5 trillion—or 30 percent more—in additional revenue potential in 2030.”

McKinsey & Company, Disruptive Trends That Will Transform the Auto Industry

“As we grow to become both an automaker and a mobility company, having leading software development expertise will be critical to delivering at the speed consumers expect. This collaboration...allows for quicker vehicle software updates and an even better user experience for Ford customers.”

Marcy Klevorn, Vi... Marcy Klevorn, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Ford


VMware Tanzu drives mobility mainstream

Engaging mobile services

Develop new revenue streams using personalized services to improve first- and last-mile experiences—from personal cars and scooters to rideshares to autonomous vehicles.

Expanded collaboration

Build a secure digital platform that enables collaboration and data sharing—on-premises and across clouds—with transportation transformation partners and suppliers.

Predictive analytics

Unleash data for more accurate insights into maintenance, fueling, and other consumption trends.

Continuous innovation

Shorten delivery cycles with modern software and development methodologies that meet the speed consumers and dealers expect—while keeping applications and designs secure.

Resource efficiency

Make better use of resources in the transformation of legacy, monolithic applications, saving capital and operational expenses.


DevOps KPIs as a Service: Daimler’s Solution

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VMware Tanzu keeps automakers competitive

Automotive companies are staking their futures on software. From fully autonomous vehicles to mobile applications, VMware Tanzu is providing the digital foundation for continuous innovation by abstracting complexity for software developers so they can focus on delivering exceptional anytime, anywhere experiences. Complementary modern development methodologies from VMware Tanzu are pushing boundaries, unlocking the power of mobility and data to transform business and supplier models.

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