Speed, innovation,
and security

While every industry is busy adapting to our software-led present, companies that offer financial services have faced a unique challenge: innovate and stay secure. Watch the video to learn how VMware helped Datasite (formerly Merrill Corp.) transform their technology organization. Now, when Datasite helps a company through an M&A or an IPO, the company knows they have the reliability of VMware Tanzu Application Service, a cloud native product that lets them focus on building apps and delivering services for their customers. It’s an approach that doesn’t compromise on security and enables a business to be more agile and move confidently into the future.

With [VMware’s] transformational technology, in one year Datasite has been able to envision and deliver a completely new product platform designed to deliver more value to our customers and grow our revenue. [VMware Tanzu Application Service] is a lynchpin in the creation of a fast moving, agile and innovative product culture at Datasite, delivering results with unprecedented speed and precision.”
Thomas L. Fredell, Chief Product Officer at Datasite