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DevOps: A collaborative mindset for rapid and reliable app delivery

Team Perspectives

DevOps is crucial to the success of software-driven organizations in the cloud era, enhancing IT responsiveness and customer satisfaction. That’s why an increasing number of industry leaders are embracing DevOps by investing in tooling and promoting collaborative mindsets and team dynamics.

DevOps as Overarching Process

A Team Perspective by Michael Coté,
Director, Marketing at VMware

High-performing organizations are finding success with DevOps, so it warrants significant investigation and use in businesses across industries. The intention of DevOps being to unite all of the software life cycle into one bucket—hence the amalgamation of development and operations.

Meet our DevOps advocates

For many organizations, getting development and operations on the same page can seem like an impossible task. For us, it’s just another day at the office. Hear what some of our subject-matter experts have to say about DevOps best practices at events and during consulting hours worldwide.