VMware Tanzu Community Edition KubeCon NA 2021 Workshop

Learn how Tanzu Community Edition helps you install packages and deploy apps—and score some sweet swag in the process.

20 minutes

Start Workshop

Completing this workshop lets you redeem some Tanzu Community Edition swag! Towards the end of the workshop, you’ll get a code that lets you order some socks or a beanie:

Tanzu Community Edition Socks or Beanie

VMware Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy to manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users. It is a freely available, community supported, open source distribution of VMware Tanzu that can be installed and configured in minutes on your local workstation or your favorite cloud.

It includes a package repository for installing and updating components of your platform.

What you will do in the lab:

  • Get familiar with the tanzu CLI
  • List packages
  • Deploy an app with kapp
  • Monitor the app
  • Scale the app
  • Order swag