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Tanzu Application Platform v1.2 - Create, Update, and Delete Kubernetes Apps from Your IDE!

Tanzu Application Platform just had a big developer productivity update. With version 1.2, the entire source code lifecycle of application management can be done without leaving your IDE. You can create new apps from Application Accelerators (templates), run those apps on Kubernetes, update and debug the code live on Kubernetes, and even delete your app from Kubernetes when you're done testing. In addition, the Live Update and Live Debug processes are now much quicker thanks to the addition of the .tanzuignore file.

In this video, Ben Wilcock (@benbravo73) will show you some of the features added in VMware Tanzu Application Platform version 1.2.

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  • 00:06 Application Accelerators in VS Code
  • 00:39 Apply Workload (Push to Kubernetes)
  • 01:27 Tanzu Workload Panel
  • 01:43 .tanzuignore File
  • 01:56 Live Update Updates!
  • 02:41 Delete Workload