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How to Inspect and Troubleshoot Spring Microservices on Kubernetes

Are you struggling to remember the hundreds of configurations and settings applied to your microservices? If you're deploying to Kubernetes, even simple tasks like examining the application's environment variables can be challenging. Spring Boot Admin can help. You'll learn how to create a Spring Boot Admin dashboard in this video. You'll also learn how to register apps with this dashboard and how to inspect your application settings using nothing but your mouse and a browser. Let Spring Boot Admin take the stress out of inspecting and troubleshooting your microservices on Kubernetes!

Video chapters:

  • 00:00 Getting Started - What You’ll Learn
  • 00:23 Create Your Spring Boot Admin Project
  • 01:10 Enable the Spring Boot Admin Server
  • 01:42 Expose the Actuator Endpoints
  • 02:15 Register the Server As A Client
  • 02:47 Test the Server
  • 03:11 Create a Cloud Profile
  • 03:58 Deploy Spring Boot Admin Server to Kubernetes (Using Tanzu Application Platform)
  • 05:29 Open Spring Boot Admin Dashboard, Inspect & Troubleshoot
  • 06:09 Source Code Link & Closing Remarks