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App Development with Tanzu Application Platform and Application Live View, Part 1: Onboarding an App

In this video series, you will learn about some developer features of VMware Tanzu Application Platform through one of its component packages, Application Live View. From developing your application locally, to troubleshooting HTTP request errors.

In this first part, you will see how to configure the Tanzu VS Code extension to enable live previews of your application running in a local dev environment. This setup utilized Tanzu Application Platform’s “light” profile as well as the Tanzu extension for VS Code.

For more information on setting up this environment, see this Learning Path on the Tanzu Developer Center for how to install and configure your own environment so you can follow along with the video.

And once you are done with this video, check out Part 2 in this series, where you will learn about all of the application troubleshooting functionality of Tanzu Application Platform and Application Live View by going through a deep dive of all of the features available.