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TGI Kubernetes 113: Kubernetes Secrets Take 3

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3:03 AM PDT on Saturday, Apr 11, 2020

TGI Kubernetes 113: Kubernetes Secrets Take 3

Apr 11 2020

In this episode

Come hang out with Josh Rosso as he does a bit of hands on hacking of Kubernetes and related topics. Some of this will be Josh talking about the things he knows. Some of this will be Josh exploring something new with the audience. Come join the fun, ask questions, comment, and participate in the live chat!

This week we'll be digging back into Secrets and that ecosystem! We'll There is quiite a bit of change in the way that secrets can integrate with Kubernetes and Josh is going to explore some of them.

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Table of Contents:

  • 00:00:00 - Welcome to TGIK!
  • 00:04:41 - Week in Review
  • 00:23:01 - Episode Overview
  • 00:23:33 - Default Secret Behavior
  • 00:41:06 - Encryption at Rest
  • 00:58:41 - External Provider Trade-Offs
  • 01:05:31 - Integration with Secrets: App Level vs Platform Level
  • 01:09:02 - Vault Secret Injection via Agent
  • 01:39:31 - Sealed Secrets
  • 01:46:09 - CSI Secret Driver
  • 01:51:46 - Wrap-Up