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TGI Kubernetes 103: Cilium: A Second Look

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3:37 PM PST on Friday, Jan 31, 2020

TGI Kubernetes 103: Cilium: A Second Look

Jan 31 2020

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Cilium has done some really cool stuff since @krisnova covered the project in 2018. Join me this week as I pickup the torch and play with things like CRD-integration, CNI-chaining, kube-proxy replacement, and hubble! Maybe we even try the 1.7-rc!?

00:00:00 - Welcome to TGIK 00:04:45 - Week in Review 00:11:21 - Agenda Overview and Topic Selection 00:15:08 - Deploying without kube-proxy (and with CRD backend) 01:00:56 - Deploying and using Hubble 01:36:53 - CNI-Chaining