Tanzu Vanguard In Spotlight: Reflections of VMworld 2020 and How We Would Change Our Implementations Differently in Retrospect

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1:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020

Tanzu Vanguard In Spotlight: Reflections of VMworld 2020 and How We Would Change Our Implementations Differently in Retrospect

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This episode of Tanzu Tuesday features the Tanzu Vanguard enterprise customer super user community, and a few members discuss the recent product announcements from VMworld 2020 and reminisce about how they would change their implementations if they knew then what they know now.


Juergen Sussner

If you would write DevOps with a dash, I am the dash …I am a JavaEE Developer, J2EE AppServer Admin, and Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at DATEV’s Cloud Platform Team. We architect the platform necessary for DATEV’s future applications and implement many important extensions for Cloud Foundry to integrate it very well into DATEV’s environment. The platform is our Product and we, as a team are responsible for every aspect of the product, from technical issues to market research, requirements engineering and marketing.

Jonathan Regehr

Jonathan is a Platform Architect with Garmin International. He is a thought leader when it comes to Cloud Native platforms. He is passionate about CI/CD and automation. Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in software development and architecture and has worked in digital marketing, telecom IT, manufacturing, and electronics.

Kerry Schaffer

Senior IT Director specializing in solution development and delivery. Unique cross functional IT background including solution development, pricing, delivery, and Information Security management supported by both Systems Administration and Development experience. Is working to attract, grow and empower women to build careers in IT.


Tiffany Jernigan

Tiffany is a senior developer advocate at VMware and is focused on Kubernetes. She previously worked as a software developer and developer advocate (nerd whisperer) for containers at Amazon. She also formerly worked at Docker and Intel. Prior to that, she graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in electrical engineering. In her free time she likes to spend time with her fiancé, family, and friends, as well as dabble in photography. You can find her on Twitter @tiffanyfayj.

Paul Czarkowski

Paul Czarkowski is a long-time practitioner of the dark arts of DevOps. Hailing from Australia, he moved to Austin,Texas to help build and run one of the largest and most successful online games. Now at VMware, Paul works to improve the operator experience by taking cloud native software development concepts and applying them to operations to create platforms that reduce toil and improve software delivery.