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ChatGPT Helps Reduce Digital Transformation Toil - Tanzu Talk

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12:45 AM PST on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023

ChatGPT Helps Reduce Digital Transformation Toil - Tanzu Talk

ChatGPT Helps Reduce Digital Transformation Toil - Tanzu Talk

Jan 24, 2023

In this episode

Coté puts together a talk looking out how to use things like OpenAI ChatGPT to make digital transformation, DevOps/culture, whatever and etc. better, if not just less annoying.


00:04 - Testing out a talk on using ChatGPT for digital transformation bureaucracy. 08:13 - Getting the tools setup: ChatGPT playground and voice to text in Google Docs. 10:56 - This Meeting Could Have Been and Email 20:18 - ChatGPT summarizing a quarterly meeting 31:25 - ChatGPT is kind of OK, but you need to do a lot of work on it. Also, my input wasn’t too good. 33:56 - Overview of what this talk will explore: if BS work, have the BS artist do it. There’s a lot of bureaucratic toil, and as in SRE, we should automate it. 36:07 - Argue for a process change, using pair programming. 55:20 - Ideas from writing the pair programming case: it can load external content, spend a lot of time iterating over the text. 1:00:00 - arguing for pair programming, round two. 1:04:34 - More ideas on how to use ChatGPT based on arguing for pair programming. Primarily, does it take longer than just writing it yourself? 1:08:02 - Gotta go see a man about a horse. 1:13:06 - Later today, SpringOne! Go to https://springone.io for more! 1:14:00 - SpringOne Watch Party in Amsterdam. 1:14:15 - Cataloging tools used so far. 1:16:40 - Brainstorming vision and principles. 1:29:56 - FAQ for new policy, Unlimited PTO. 1:43:19 - Summary of how things went: pretty good?