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Tanzu Talk: Large scale application modernization with Rohit Kelapure, part one

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10:52 AM PDT on Friday, Jul 31, 2020

Tanzu Talk: Large scale application modernization with Rohit Kelapure, part one

Tanzu Talk: Large scale application modernization with Rohit Kelapure, part one

Jul 31, 2020

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Eating elephants one bite at a time, large scale application modernization with Rohit Kelapure

Whatever you want to call it, “legacy” software is a problem. In one of our recent surveys, 76% of executives said they are too invested in legacy applications to change how they do software. It can seem hard, but fixing that blocker is possible. As with all things in software, there is no quick fix, it just takes discipline, work, and time. In this episode, Coté talks with VMware Tanzu’s Rohit Kelapure who’s been working in application modernization for years. He goes over the initial portfolio analysis and thinking that the Pivotal Labs application modernization teams walk customers through.

Rohit Kelapure is an expert on Cloud Foundry and distributed systems. Rohit was the lead developer and architect at IBM developing the WebSphere Liberty Profile application server. In his current role as a Pivotal Solutions consultant Rohit onboards Fortune 100 companies to next generation cloud platforms. He has broad understanding of the usage of software and architecture across major enterprises and unique experience with IBM, Pivotal and now VMware.

Rohit is a thought leader in the micro services space, having authored one of the first reference architectures of the Spring Framework for microservices on Cloud Foundry. Rohit has self-published a book on Pragmatic Microservices. Rohit has publicly blogged and written about Cloud Foundry and presented at numerous conferences. Rohit is a software developer at heart, who in a previous life moved through the ranks at IBM, working on all aspects of software development ranging from customer support, function, integration test and development. Rohit has spent time talking publicly about the technologies he worked and led. Rohit has presented at major conferences like JavaOne, SpringOne, IBM Impact and other Java and WebSphere user groups.

Rohit has experience analyzing and redesigning release management and production operations processes. In his spare time Rohit can be found binge watching his favorite TV shows - The Wire, House Of Cards, Walking Dead, Luther and updating his blog cloud.rohitkelapure.com