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Tanzu Talk: Is DevSECOps Baloney? BEHIND THE SCENES.

Sep 16 2021

Tanzu Talk: Suffering from the #LegacyTrap

Sep 15 2021

Tanzu Talk: Container Strategy Notebook, kubernetes or PaaS, and why...

Sep 10 2021

Tanzu Talk: Reinventing Finance with Customer Experience, with Henri v...

Aug 17 2021

Tanzu Talk: where did the 'dev' in DevOps go? Was it ever there?

Aug 12 2021

Tanzu Talk: What is Tanzu? A Quick Overview of VMware's Kubernetes Dis...

Jul 8 2021

Ambient Tanzu - Executives as Architects, DevOps Metrics in 20 Minutes

Jul 6 2021

Tanzu Talk: Beyond DevOps metrics – technical, business, & culture met...

Jul 1 2021

Tanzu Talk: Transformation Requires Trying New Things

Jun 24 2021

Tanzu Talk: Best Practices for Running Containers and Kubernetes in Pr...

Jun 22 2021

Tanzu Talk: How to Prep for a Talk You've Given Before

Jun 21 2021

Tanzu Talk: Opening up healthcare with FHIR & other healthcare innovat...

Jun 10 2021

Tanzu Talk: How Kubernetes Helps Businesses, results from the State of...

Jun 8 2021

Tanzu Talk: Find Customer Friction, with Bernard Golden and Jesse Bean

Jun 3 2021

Tanzu Talk: The Decadence Vortex

Jun 2 2021

Tanzu Talk: Spring Cloud Gateway, with Chris Sterling

May 27 2021

Tanzu Talk: Better software, lower risk, with smaller, more frequent r...

May 26 2021

Tanzu Talk: Small Risks Lead to Success

May 25 2021

Tanzu Talk: Observability Survey, release schedules for project vs. pr...

May 20 2021

Tanzu Talk: Held back by legacy software and tech debt; State of Kuber...

May 18 2021

Moving from project to product at Yapı Kredi Bank, with Taylan Güney

Apr 15 2021

Tanzu Talk: Now is the time for innovation in healthcare, with JT Perr...

Apr 13 2021

Tanzu Talk: It’s always been about developer productivity, SOA to DevS...

Mar 25 2021

Tanzu Talk: Don’t let HEADWINDS control you. Transform under your own ...

Mar 18 2021

Tanzu Talk: Take Everyone with You

Mar 16 2021

Tanzu Talk: Talking About Money: the Enterprise Taboo

Mar 11 2021

Tanzu Talk: DevSecOps in Fed, end to end overview

Mar 9 2021

Tanzu Talk: Secure Supply Chain, with Henri van den Bulk

Mar 4 2021

Tanzu Talk: Scaling Skills and Culture, with Richard Watson

Mar 2 2021

Tanzu Talk 3 ways to scale culture change

Feb 25 2021

Tanzu Talk: filing expenses as a strategic discovery process, and, out...

Feb 23 2021

Tanzu Talk: Use corporate values as principals

Feb 22 2021

Tanzu Talk: Corporate Values as a filter, use metrics to encourage min...

Feb 16 2021

Tanzu Talk: End-to-end Mindset

Feb 11 2021

Tanzu Talk: Security is a feature

Feb 10 2021

Tanzu Talk: Flying cars, machine learning, and self-driving cars

Feb 9 2021

Tanzu Talk: giving permission to change - one cool trick to digital tr...

Feb 8 2021

Tanzu Talk: Check your bozo bits often

Feb 5 2021

Tanzu Talk: motivating people to change

Feb 2 2021

Tanzu Talk: Changing Habits

Jan 25 2021

Tanzu Talk: DevSecOps for US Federal agencies (FIPs, STIGs, auditors, ...

Jan 21 2021

Tanzu Talk: A pragmatic vision statement is a powerful tool for digita...

Jan 18 2021

Tanzu Talk: DevSecOps Buzzword Check (plus, securing containers)

Jan 15 2021

Tanzu Talk: I can't hire the people I need for all this digital transf...

Jan 14 2021

Tanzu Talk: Seeding Culture. DevOps, product management, & improving s...

Jan 12 2021

Changing your IT organization to focus on business innovation - projec...

Jan 8 2021

Tanzu Talk: Asking Why All the Time is Annoying

Jan 7 2021

Tanzu Talk: Take Your Vacation

Dec 11 2020

Tanzu Talk: Hug Your Auditors, or, Treat Compliance as a Feature

Dec 9 2020

Tanzu Talk: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation, of What i...

Dec 8 2020

Tanzu Talk: culture metrics

Dec 4 2020

Tanzu Talk: Four Important DevOps Metrics

Dec 2 2020

Tanzu Talk: Five Business Metrics to Start Tracking

Dec 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: Five Management Changes

Nov 30 2020

Tanzu Talk: Get a Secret Nerd

Nov 25 2020

Tanzu Talk: Urgency, or, Curiosity

Nov 24 2020

Tanzu Talk - open source CI costs money, with Paul Czarkowski

Nov 24 2020

Tanzu Talk: open source software and strategic differentiation

Nov 19 2020

Tanzu Talk: Digital Transformation Executive Round Table, with Cucumbe...

Nov 18 2020

Tanzu Talk: managing remote working, strategy & people

Nov 17 2020

Tanzu Talk: Get more F’s to prioritize better

Nov 16 2020

Tanzu Talk: Skills gaps - it’s probably not as bad as you think.

Nov 13 2020

Tanzu Talk: Speed up with Test-driven Development

Nov 12 2020

Tanzu Talk: Don’t forget to measure

Nov 11 2020

Tanzu Talk: Better, more decisive meetings

Nov 10 2020

Tanzu Talk: the mayonnaise measuring epiphany - better software with d...

Nov 9 2020

Tanzu Talk: How COVID changed IT priorities & spending, with Rita Mana...

Nov 6 2020

Tanzu Talk: Everything I know about platform operations and platform a...

Nov 5 2020

Tanzu Talk: kubernetes for VI admins, part 2

Nov 4 2020

Tanzu Talk: Getting good at messing up, negotiating SRE error budgets,...

Nov 3 2020

Tanzu Talk: 5 common software bottlenecks

Nov 2 2020

Tanzu Talk: 6 ways that pair programming makes development better

Oct 30 2020

Tanzu Talk: Build alliances for The Big Meeting

Oct 29 2020

Tanzu Talk: Platform Operations and Pain Boxes, with Paul!

Oct 29 2020

Tanzu Talk: Kubernetes for VI admins, part 1 - VMs fit to the app/apps...

Oct 27 2020

Tanzu Talk: It's not about breaking the rules, it's about _almost_ bre...

Oct 26 2020

Tanzu Talk: actually following priorities and using opportunity cost i...

Oct 23 2020

Tanzu Talk: Less leadership, more technocracy

Oct 22 2020

Tanzu Talk: the drunk under the lamppost app modernization anti-patter...

Oct 21 2020

Tanzu Talk: Shift right to improve corporate strategy

Oct 20 2020

Tanzu Talk: Doing something works better than doing nothing

Oct 19 2020

Tanzu Talk: The right mindset for starting application modernization

Oct 9 2020

Tanzu Talk: De-risking software

Oct 8 2020

Tanzu Talk: The half-remembered History of Enterprise Burgers

Oct 7 2020

Tanzu Talk: The thrilling world of chargebacks, or, the dangers thereo...

Oct 6 2020

Tanzu Talk: what does digital transformation mean?

Oct 5 2020

Tanzu Talk: digital transformation as fried rice, and the better softw...

Oct 2 2020

Tanzu Talk: Deming and Mind Set; how to get ops on board for change

Oct 2 2020

Tanzu Talk: Addressing infrastructure debt, start with small apps

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: More BT transformation, lizard brains

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: kubernetes in the wild

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: Tanzu for Transformation, BT

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: State of Spring 2020 survey

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: Empathetic Lunatics & The Great Developers Using Kubernete...

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: Responsible Micro Services, with Nate Schutta

Oct 1 2020

TanzuTalk: Finding business value, with Robbie Clutton

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: The kubernetes community for developers, with Jorge Castro

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: Large scale application modernization with Rohit Kelapure,...

Oct 1 2020

TanzuTalk: Considering kubernetes as an enterprise architecture

Oct 1 2020

Tanzu Talk: Large scale application modernization with Rohit Kelapure,...

Jul 31 2020