SpringOne Tour

A series of two-day, live online events where your favorites from the community go in depth on different topics at the intersection of Spring and Kubernetes. Day 1 features a mix of presentations and interactive demos on Twitch. Day 2 includes hands-on workshops in groups, along with 1:1 interaction with an instructor.

Workshop attendees will receive special edition swag

Oct Day 2 - Spring Boot Teppanyaki

Watch on Twitch
9:00 AM PDT on Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

Oct Day 2 - Spring Boot Teppanyaki

Oct Day 2 - Spring Boot Teppanyaki

Oct 22 2020

In this episode

A grill-side chat with the chefs of Spring Boot including: Greg Turnquist, Violeta Georgiva, and Dave Syer. The team will discuss all spring Spring Boot and answer any questions you may have.


Mark Heckler

Greg Turnquist

Greg is a test-bitten script junky. He is a member of the Spring Data team at VMware. He works on Spring Data JPA, Spring HATEOAS, Spring Data REST, and Spring Boot. He launched the Nashville JUG in 2010. He has written many books (including Packt’s best-seller “Learning Spring Boot”) and is the host of Spring Boot Learning, the YouTube channel where you learn about Spring Boot and have fun doing it (https://youtube.

Dave Syer

Founder of Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, and an active contributor to Spring Integration, Spring Framework, Spring AMQP, Spring Security.