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The CI/CD Experience: Kubernetes Edition - Day 2

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9:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

The CI/CD Experience: Kubernetes Edition - Day 2

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A followup to The CI/CD Experience: Kubernetes Edition - Day 1

With Kubernetes, everything from deployment to monitoring to scaling is more standardized and inherently easier to automate. This presents the possibility to achieve a more effective and comprehensive Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) experience. We can incorporate the practice of infrastructure-as-code and take advantage of a flourishing ecosystem of tools to improve and fully automate our application deployment strategies. In this session, we’ll tour the landscape of new Kubernetes-centric tooling, including Tekton, Kustomize, and ArgoCD. We’ll also explore how GitOps can be leveraged for CI/CD.


Cora Iberkleid

Cora Iberkleid is part developer advocate, part advisory solutions engineer at VMware, helping developers and enterprises navigate and adopt modern practices and technologies including Spring, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Tanzu, and modern CI/CD.