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ASP.NET Basics for Experts

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5:00 PM PDT on Thursday, Mar 31, 2022

ASP.NET Basics for Experts

ASP.NET Basics for Experts

Mar 31, 2022

In this episode

People love to stay in their comfort zone; but what if you have to step outside of it and embrace a new programming language, one that happens to be ASP.NET?

Jakub is a Java/Spring developer and architect. He’s never used ASP.NET before and he has questions. Lots of questions.

Layla, a .NET developer, intends to answer Jakub’s questions and more in this demo-rich session.

But don’t worry, there will also be something for existing ASP.NET developers as we delve into the ways an ASP.NET application is configured to support services:

  • Dependency injection and inversion of control
  • HTTP clients and policies
  • Resiliency and circuit breakers
  • Databases connections
  • Discovery clients
  • And more!