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Event-Driven Architecture Traps with Jakub Pilimon

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12:00 PM PDT on Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Event-Driven Architecture Traps with Jakub Pilimon

Jun 16 2021

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Event-driven architectures (EDA) have become more popular by the day. Organizations see a great value in them, and developers love how EDA help to grow, scale, and mirror what really happens in the business domain. However, most developers are not familiar with this kind of architecture, which can lead to common pitfalls that we’ll examine in this talk


Jakub Pilimon

Jakub is a developer advocate at VMware, blogger, programmer, and trainer. He loves to tackle complex enterprises with domain-driven design, test-driven development, and Spring. Architecture is a main area of interest, too. When he doesn’t program, he rides motorbikes, skis, or practices kitesurfing.

He writes a DZone MVB-awarded blog and his pet projects can be found at