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Spring Dataflow Batch Jobs in Kotlin with Mario Gray

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12:00 PM PDT on Wednesday, Sep 09, 2020

Spring Dataflow Batch Jobs in Kotlin with Mario Gray

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Over the years, I have written a few real-time streaming apps, but haven’t written many Batch jobs. Join me as I explore the world of Spring Batch and find out how more Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable it is over any ordinary scheduled task or eventually consistent stream. To make things even more fun, I’ll give it a go by deploying jobs to Spring Cloud Dataflow, whilst using my favorite language of the last couple of years – Kotlin!


Mario Gray

Mario is a principal technologist at VMware with more than 20 years of experience in software development and software architecture. He is co-author of Pro Spring Integration (Apress, 2011). He’s helped organizations large and small build service-based architectures in a number of different runtimes and platforms over the decades, but adopting Spring in 2004, and using it whenever possible since, was a no-brainer that culminated in joining the Spring team in 2017. As a Spring developer advocate, Mario loves to engage and inspire developers and businesses in the Pivotal ecosystem.