Live coding on Twitch, every Wednesday at 12pm PT.

Each week our fearless team of Spring Developer Advocates will be tackling real world scenarios and complex technical topics and will be live coding solutions to them. This is your chance to learn tips, tools, and techniques from world class Spring developers.

Watch Past Episodes

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How design can kill your testability with Jakub Pilimon
Spring Integration + Kotlin : Holy cow this is productivity with Mario Gray
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RSocket Wrench: Hand me that Spanner! with Mark Heckler
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Testing the Web Layer with Spring with Jakub Pilimon
Assume Nothing: A Dead-Simple Intro to Application Security
Oleh and Josh Explore RSocket with Josh Long and Oleh Dokuka
Safe Refactoring with Jakub Pilimon
Initialization with Spring Cloud Data Flow with Mario Gray
Springing into Kotlin: How to Make the Magic even more Magical with Mark Heckler
Refactoring to Event Sourcing with Jakub Pilimon
CONTINUOUS DELIVERY! with Josh Long and Paul Czarkowski
Shipping Spring Configuration with Mario Gray
Spring Boot Actuator 101 with Jakub Pilimon
Buildpacks for building spring boot projects with Mario Gray
Kubernetes and Spring: a Rom-Com for the Ages with Josh Long
Spring Cloud Streams and Friends with Mark Heckler
Back to the basics: A thing about modeling and testing with Jakub Pilimon
Test Containers are your friend, and why you should test in containers too with Mario Gray
The Road to (Continuous) Delivery with Josh Long
Testing Messaging in Spring with Jakub Pilimon
A Live Coding Adventure in Interservice Comms with Mark Heckler
Spring Dataflow Batch Jobs in Kotlin with Mario Gray
Orchestration for Reactive Spring with Josh Long