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With a microservices architecture, individual teams build and run single-focused, loosely-coupled services that are independently deployable and scalable; this is in contrast to more traditional or monolithic architectures. Developers use the language, framework, or data technologies of their choice, but microservices are typically implemented as REST APIs and often use a continuous delivery pipeline for regular production deployments.

Code Samples

Bootiful Microservices

Microservices in Spring

Bootiful Reactive Microservices

Reactive Microservice workshop in Spring

Spring Boot REST API Demo

Building a REST API with Spring Boot

Spring Cloud Stream Demo

Simple Event Driven Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream

The Spring REST Stack

RESTful service development with Spring


What’s New in .NET Core for Containers and Microservices

Looking at recent changes in .NET 3.0 and 3.1 for containerized workloads