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Whitney Lee

Whitney Lee

Developer Advocate


Expertise: Kubernetes

Whitney is a full stack developer who enjoys understanding and using tools in the cloud native landscape. Creative and driven, Whitney recently pivoted from an art-related career to one in tech. She is active in the open source community, especially around CNCF projects focused on developer productivity. You can catch her lightboard streaming show ϟ Enlightning on Tanzu.TV. And not only does she rock at tech - she literally has toured playing in the band Mutual Benefit on keyboards and vocals.

An interview with Whitney Lee, Staff Technical Advocate for the VMware Tanzu Team, who funnels her insatiable appetite for all things cloud and passion for teaching others into streaming ⚡Enlightning lightboard videos on subjects such as Kubernetes, Knative and Infrastructure as Code.

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Streaming Shows

Learn CNCF projects with Whitney and her lightboard.

A 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-style journey through the cloud native landscape with Whitney and her co-host Viktor Farcic.


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