Whitney Lee

Whitney Lee

Developer Advocate


Expertise: Kubernetes

Whitney traveled the scenic route but is chuffed to have found her way to Kubernetes and cloud technologies. Whitney began her professional career as a fine artist before owning her own photography business for over a decade. After a year-long tour playing keys in the band Mutual Benefit, Whitney went back to school in 2019 to learn full-stack web development. After graduation, Whitney was employed by IBM as a cloud developer, using none of the skills she had just learned. She developed an insatiable appetite for all things cloud, and a passion for teaching others as she acquired knowledge herself. Whitney has made many cloud-related lightboard videos that together have 400,000+ views. At VMware, you can find Whitney writing lighthearted yet informative guides, or behind the lightboard during her weekly streaming show ϟ Enlightning. Whitney’s contagious excitement drives her to collaborate and play!