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Tiffany Jernigan

Tiffany Jernigan

Developer Advocate

Seattle, WA

Expertise: Kubernetes

Tiffany is a senior developer advocate at VMware and is focused on Kubernetes. She previously worked as a software developer and developer advocate (nerd whisperer) for containers at Amazon. She also formerly worked at Docker and Intel. Prior to that, she graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in electrical engineering. In her free time she really likes to travel and dabble in photography. You can find her on Twitter @tiffanyfayj.

Talk Abstracts

Make Your Kubernetes Clusters Production-Ready with VMware Tanzu

When you first started experimenting with Kubernetes, you may have started locally or on a set of servers. With simple applications, you may only have used a container registry and Kubernetes itself. When looking to move your clusters to a production setting, there are many more considerations, such as: How will I manage my clusters? How do I handle monitoring and logging? How do I safely back up my cluster resources? How do I ensure that my container images are safe and secure?

Let’s take a look at some production-ready solutions, such as VMware Tanzu Mission Control (TMC), VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront, Octant, Velero, and Harbor.

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Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes

Starting at the top, there is Cloud Foundry (CF), which is an open-source cloud app platform, providing a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and app services. Users wanted to have a Kubernetes-native CF distribution, and thus Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes (CF-for-K8s) was born.

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Getting Started with Kubeapps

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Intro to Kubernetes

If you’re working with just a few containers, managing them is not too complicated. But what if you have hundreds or thousands? Think about having to handle multiple upgrades for each container, keeping track of container and node state, available resources, and more. That’s where Kubernetes comes in. Kubernetes is an open source container management platform that helps you run containers at scale. This talk will cover Kubernetes components and show how to run applications on it.

Cloud Native Security for the Rest of Us

Your mission is to secure the vast tracts of land of the Cloud Native security landscape. Where do you even start?!? It would be preposterous to cover that whole topic in a single session, but we can at least map it out. Our plan is to break it down into three key areas and review each in turn.

  • Platform - securing and upgrading our control planes and nodes; isolating compute, storage, and network resources; managing privileges and secrets.
  • User management and permissions - various ways to authenticate and authorize user access; leveraging tools like RBAC and Namespaces, and some common “gotchas”.
  • Software supply chain - what that means; some actual threat models are; how to mitigate them.

You will leave this session with a stronger understanding of the breadth and depth of Cloud Native security and resources to further develop your knowledge.


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