Sudesh Girdhari

Chief Solution Finder & Sr Problem Mender

Atlanta, GA

Technology is messy for many large companies and overly complicated. Often unclear tech investments result in poor outcomes for many enterprise decision makers. I love to dig into customer problems and solve them with modern technology & organizational patterns. I create, scale and optimize solutions, that create value for customers and companies. To accomplish this, I focus on key results, building relationships, develop content & community and quickly adapt to new insights. I have spent my career in enterprise technology the first third was focused on Coding, Customizing and Deploying ITSM software from HP, the second third marketing, managing new product deployments and moving teams to embrace SaaS, IaaS and cloud solutions. The last third has been marketing, channel sales and direct sales for large Telcos & ISVs including VMware.
I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk to me about emerging cloud tech, enterprise challenges, creating software products or cycling around the neighborhood. Follow Sudesh on: - Twitter: @servicexen