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Orlin Vasilev

Orlin Vasilev

Senior Open Source Community Manager


Expertise: Kubernetes, Harbor

Orlin Vasilev (aka Orlix) is the the Senior Open Source Community Manager as part of the cloud native team at VMware. Orlin is a CNCF Ambassador and driving the biggest Meetup Group(~1K members) in Bulgaria. He has been a Program Committee Member at Kubecon (reviewing CFPs), and board member and co-chair for the Kubecon 101 track. Previously he has held SysAdmin/Dev/SRE/System engineering roles for over 15 years. Orlin is located in Bulgaria, Europe, and he is a father of two - a girl and a boy! When not working, Orlin is a passionate snowboarder, and a DIY and semi-professional BBQ Pitmaster.