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Layla Porter

Layla Porter

Developer Advocate

Milton Keynes, UK

Expertise: .NET, Microservices, Solution Architecture, TDD, JavaScript, Unity3D, Azure Functions

Layla (@LaylaCodesIt) is a Developer Advocate at VMware serving the .NET community.

She is a Live Coder on Twitch, a Microsoft MVP, A GitHub Star, former director of the board - The .NET Foundation, and the founder of the #WomenOfDotNet Initiative.

Layla loves sharing knowledge whilst having fun. No question is stupid and beginners are always welcome.

Layla’s current talks

Layla is comfortable giving talks both in person and virtually. All technical talks are focussed around the .NET ecosystem.

  • Azure Functions: a guide to getting started
  • Learning in public - Live coding on Twitch
  • TDD and the Terminator - An introduction to Test Driven Development
  • Top Tips For Blazor
  • Understanding Microservices: a guide for the monolithic developer
  • APIs Exposed!
  • Bridging The Gap - collaborative talk with Alyssa Nicoll
  • ASP.NET Basics for Experts - can be given solo or collaboratively with Jakub Pilimon with a Spring twist

To see where Layla is speaking next, checkout her up-to-date schedule here

Hosting and emcee

Layla has hosted events both virtually and in-person including high profile events such as Microsoft .NET Conf and Twilio Signal Developer Conference.