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Dan Vega

Dan Vega

Spring Developer Advocate, VMware Tanzu

Cleveland, OH USA

Expertise: Spring, Java, Architecture, Cloud, Microservices, Full Stack

Dan Vega is a Spring Developer Advocate at VMware Tanzu. He has been developing software for the web for over 20 years and his superpower is problem-solving. Dan is a blogger, YouTuber, course creator, and speaker. He is a lifelong learner and his passion is sharing his knowledge with the developer community. Dan lives near Cleveland Ohio with his beautiful wife and 2 daughters. When he isn’t writing code or teaching he enjoys spending time with his family, lifting weights, running, or reading a good book.

What Can He Do For You?

Dan has a variety of talks and workshops on the following topics:

  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud
  • Architecture
  • Microservices
  • Full Stack Java Development


Full-Stack Development with Spring Boot and Vue

Are you interested in building full-stack web applications with Spring Boot and Vue? If so, this session is going to give you everything you need to get started. First, you will dive into some of the challenges of building full-stack applications. Next, you will look at some different approaches you can take depending on the types of applications you’re building along with the makeup of your team. Finally, you will spend most of the session building a sample application so that when you leave this session, you’ll have everything you need to start building full-stack web applications with Spring Boot and Vue.

Building REST APIs in Spring Boot

Long gone are the days of verbose & complicated web development in Java. The Spring Framework has become the world’s most popular Java Framework thanks to its focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity.

In almost every application you’re building these days there needs to be a mechanism for exchanging data with other services. This is the same no matter what architecture you choose from Monolithic to Distributed. One approach to sharing data between services is by using synchronous communication via REST Services.

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer and it’s a standard for exposing your API in a uniform and stateless manner. Before you begin writing REST services you need to learn the underlying principles such as Resources, HTTP Verbs, Headers & status codes.

In this session, you will learn the basics of how to create a new web application in Spring Boot, with the focus on building REST APIs. To accomplish that you will need to learn the mechanics of a Rest Controller and the annotations you will encounter. You will also learn how to ensure data integrity by validating the data being passed into your API. By the end of this presentation, you will be able to stand up a CRUD API.

What’s new in Spring Boot 2.6

In this tutorial, you will learn about what is new in Spring Boot 2.6. The release notes are a great way to get caught up with what has changed and what is new in each release. You will learn about some of the changes and new features in Spring Boot 2.6 by going through some examples.

How to create your First Spring Application (without Spring Boot)

Spring Boot makes it easy for you to quickly get an application up and running. If you don’t know what Spring Boot is doing for you behind the scenes though it can seem a little bit like magic. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your first Spring Application from scratch without using Spring Boot. This will give you some perspective on what Spring Boot is and how it can make you a more productive developer.

Spring Constructor Injection

In this tutorial, you will learn why Constructor Injection is the recommended approach to dependency injection in Spring. To accomplish this you will learn some of the basics around Spring Beans, Application Context, Dependency (DI) Injection, and Inversion of Control (IoC).

Spring JDBC Template Tutorial: Learn to build a full CRUD application in Spring Boot

In this tutorial, you will learn how to list, create, read, update, and delete records from a database in a Spring Boot application using JDBC Template. You will learn how to create a project from scratch, connect to a database, and the various methods in the JDBC Template that allow you to create a full CRUD application.

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