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Dan Dobrin

Dan Dobrin

Enterprise App Modernization Architect at Google

Toronto, ON

Expertise: Architecture, Microservices, Frameworks, Kubernetes, Patterns, Performance Tuning

Dan Dobrin is an Enterprise App Modernization Architect in Google Cloud, helping customers adopt modern cloud-native patterns, practices and technologies in Google Cloud, focusing on GKE, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Native Images, Spring, event-driven architecture, DevUX, production-readiness and serverless optimization.

Prior to joining Google Cloud, he has built highly scalable, low-latency, flexible frameworks for technology, security and financial services organizations. An avid learner, he’s always looking for the next practical idea to experiment with and share with customers.

Dan has previously presented workshops on Spring Native at Spring One ‘21 and Tanzu TV.

When he leaves his gadgets behind, you’ll find him running, biking or hiking.