Cora Iberkleid

Cora Iberkleid

Developer Advocate

New York, NY

Expertise: Spring, Kubernetes, Architecture, Microservices

Cora Iberkleid is a Developer Advocate for Modern Applications at VMware Tanzu, helping developers and enterprises navigate modern practices and technologies, focusing on cloud native architecture, modern CI/CD, Spring, and Kubernetes.

Prior to joining VMware, Cora was an Advisory Solutions Engineer at Pivotal. She also spent nearly a decade at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, helping customers design and build enterprise integration applications. Through this experience, she developed an understanding and empathy for complex organizational challenges, and she strives to incorporate this empathy into her everyday work.


Build Images with Confidence and Ease with Cloud Native Buildpacks

@ Spring Live 2020

As Kubernetes becomes the runtime platform of choice and images become the standard packaging for applications, turning apps into images with confidence and ease becomes a critical element to our productivity and success. Dockerfile and Jib are popular approaches for building images, but each has its limitations, and these limitations become more pronounced as we scale the number and variety of applications we need to build and maintain. Enter Cloud Native Buildpacks, tooling that makes it quick and easy for developers to go from source to image for a variety of frameworks, and provides enterprises security, auditability, transparency and control for building and patching images. In this talk we’ll cover the basics of Cloud Native Buildpacks and show a few different ways in which they can be used, including the pack CLI, the Spring Boot Maven/Gradle plug-ins, and kpack-hosted service. By the end of this talk, building images will be a cinch to do locally or as part of a mature pipeline.

Reactive Architectures with RSocket and Spring Cloud Gateway

@ SpringOne Platform 2019, with Spencer Gibb

Spring Cloud Gateway introduced a flexible API for configuring the edge service of our applications. Built upon Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Boot 2.0, Spring Cloud Gateway provided a modern and efficient architecture to handle a large number of concurrent requests. However, as with all things reactive in the Java stack, features like back pressure were only effective within the scope of the JVM. Once a request entered the network, all bets were off.

The RSocket protocol allows us to overcome this limitation by extending the capabilities of reactive architectures down to the network level. In this talk, we’ll provide an overview of the key benefits of RSocket-based networking and introduce the integration of Spring Cloud Gateway with RSocket. We’ll discuss the benefits of this integration, including the impact on speed, scalability, security, and more. We’ll also discuss use cases, and show how you can leverage this new technology in your applications.

Square Pegs, Square Holes: CI/CD That Fits

@ SpringOne Platform 2019, with Madhav Sathe

Continuous integration and deployment is often treated as an afterthought, resulting in rigid, inefficient, and sometimes counterproductive processes. Modern tools such as Cloud Native Buildpacks, Concourse, Spinnaker, and Cloud Foundry make it easier to stand up end-to-end automation for application delivery. Contract-based testing, database schema versioning, and metrics-based canary deployment techniques help increase the quality of your deployments. We’ll demonstrate a reference pipeline that employs these tools and techniques to achieve end-to-end automation.

This talk will help enterprises overcome the entry barrier to put modern CI/CD into practice. Join us to see how you can get closer to the utopia of DevOps by removing friction from your delivery process.

Delivery Pipelines as a First-Class Citizen

@ deliverAgile 2019

Software delivery is a key capability that is often treated as an afterthought, resulting in a rigid, fragile, and inefficient process that is difficult to maintain and evolve and that can even limit developer agility. In this talk, we will explore the burgeoning topics of delivery as code, distributed ownership of jobs/stages, and the importance of testing the pipeline itself. These practices aim to make pipelines easier to create and manage over time and at scale. We will also cover best practices to incorporate into our delivery pipelines so that developers can change and test applications more frequently and effectively, positioning us to produce better software faster.

Learning outcomes from this talk include:

  • An appreciation for the value that some key best practices can provide for developer agility
  • An understanding of the recent hot topic of software-defined delivery, and some of the nuances in different approaches

Living on the Edge with Spring Cloud Gateway

@ SpringOne Platform 2018, with Ryan Baxter

Building upon Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Boot 2.0, Spring Cloud Gateway offers Spring Cloud users an impressive set of features and functionality for cloud native applications. In comparison to Zuul from Spring Cloud Netflix, Spring Cloud Gateway provides a much more flexible API for configuring the edge service of your applications. In addition, functionality such as rate limiting and WebSocket routing are supported out of the box. During this rapid-fire, 30-minute session we will introduce Spring Cloud Gateway and demonstrate its potential impact on your cloud applications.

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