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Alex Basson

Alex Basson

Staff Software Engineer

Brooklyn, NY

Expertise: Agile, Java, Ruby, Swift, iOS

Alex first became immersed in Agile and XP when he joined Pivotal Labs in 2013. Since then, he has helped dozens of clients, ranging from small startups to large enterprises, from non-profit organizations with single-digit staffs to major corporations with tens of thousands of software developers. A generalist rather than a specialist, Alex has shipped test-driven code to production in Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, and even a bit of COBOL.

Before becoming a software engineer, Alex spent fifteen years teaching mathematics at the high school and college level, and he brings his passion for helping people learn to his consulting practice. He believes strongly that everyone has the capacity to learn new skills and ideas, and he is always on the lookout for effective pedagogical practices to help his clients along their transformation journey.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys playing music on various instruments (mostly guitar, bass, and piano; mostly classical and jazz) and spending time with his wife and daughter.