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A series of two-day, live online events where your favorites from the community go in depth on different topics at the intersection of Spring and Kubernetes. Day 1 features a mix of presentations and interactive demos on Twitch. Day 2 includes hands-on workshops in groups, along with 1:1 interaction with an instructor.

Nov Day 1 - Win a Spring Testing Trophy

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8:00 AM PST on Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020

Nov Day 1 - Win a Spring Testing Trophy

Nov Day 1 - Win a Spring Testing Trophy

Nov 18, 2020

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Join Bella Bai and Alexey Nesterov.

Traditionally we tend to design a test suite following the Testing Pyramid model to get a good balance between confidence and feedback speed. But the Testing Pyramid emphasizes low-level, isolated unit tests to increase speed but this actually makes it harder to refactor and change the code. The Testing Pyramid actually slows you down in the agile world!

The Testing Trophy on the other hand, focuses more on high-level integration tests and introduces static analysis as the base. This strategy gives developers more freedom to iterate and refactor, and helps documenting boundaries between modules. With the right tools and designing your test suite with love, you can achieve high maintainability without sacrificing on development speed.

In this talk, we will discuss why we should embrace the Testing Trophy in Spring, and explore some of the tools and libraries available in the Spring ecosystem that help you build a test suite that makes refactoring a delight without SLOWING YOU DOWN!