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Getting Started with Concourse

Install files and demo pipelines for getting started with Concourse CI

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This repository is meant to be paired with a blog post [link pending]. It provides some useful files for getting Concourse CI installed onto Docker Desktop Kubernetes, as well as a sample pipeline. It includes three directories: install, pipelines, and test-scripts.


values.yml: This is an abbreviated version of the full Concourse CI values.yml file which includes only the variables which may be useful for going through the blog post guide. A small shell script to open a node port on Kubernetes and forward it to localhost.


pipeline.yml: A sample pipeline. Detailed description of what the pipeline does, and the fubction of each section are provided in the comments of the file.

credentials.yml: Used to define the variables created in the pipeline.yml file

test-scripts A very rudimentary test script. Just meant to be a placeholder for more interesting tests. Even more simple. Again, just a placeholder for something more interesting, and to help explain the concept of testing.