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Bootiful Microservices

Microservices in Spring

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Bootiful Microservices HOL



Deploy and Manage

Running the Examples

To follow the simple Spring Boot CLI example:

  • in a new file called hi.groovy type:
class GreetingsRestController {

  def hi(@PathVariable String name){
    [ greeting : "Hello, "+name+"!" ]
  • from the terminal in the same directory as the newly created hi.groovy, run spring jar hi.jar hi.groovy
  • you’ll be given a .jar that you can execute: java -jar hi.jar

Pushing to Cloud Foundry

  • cf login to ensure that you’ve authenticated against your Pivotal Web Services account. My session looked like this, yours will feature your own Cloud Foundry credentials.
> cf login

API endpoint>



Select an org (or press enter to skip):
1. platform-eng
2. codecafe

Org> 1
Targeted org platform-eng

Targeted space joshlong

API endpoint: (API version: 2.44.0)
Org:            platform-eng
Space:          joshlong
  • cf push -p hi.jar SOME_NAME_YOU_MAKEUP_HERE - the SOME_NAME_YOU_MAKEUP_HERE is arbitrary; it’ll inform the URL that’s used to mount the application and as such it shares a shared global (DNS) namespace