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Removing Developer Toil Increases Developer Productivity

Michael Coté & Danielle Burrow & Susie Forbath & Tyson McNulty

Removing developer toil increases developer productivity

Through our experience as consultants working with product teams in different industries, we’ve used Developer Toil Audits to focus and motivate product managers and developers to fix toil and speed up their release cycles, and thus, improve how their organizations build software. This directly improves the business by adding more capabilities and capacity to deliver more features, even in the short term.

Hopefully we’ve helped you understand the value of finding and fixing developer toil. Each time you fix tech debt, you gain more capacity and capabilities to create new features and improve your software. This is how you use a modern software culture to increase business agility. Or, put more simply: less developer toil leads to better software, and better software leads to better business.

To get started, take a look at the sample survey and customize it to fit your organization. If you’d like help, you can request a free consultation with a product management leaders from Tanzu Labs.